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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College, Wellington, N.Z. Vol 6, No. 6. May 26, 1943

S.C.M. Message to N.Z.U.S.A

S.C.M. Message to N.Z.U.S.A.

Believing that a lasting peace can come only from adequate preparation now of the mind and spirit of our people, the reconstruction of our social life, and the clarification of our peace aims, we, the N.Z. student Christian Movement, met in Conference in Christchurch in January, 1943, request the N.Z, University Students' Association to take action which may increase the students' responsibility in these matters.

We suggest that this might be fostered by the issue of an appeal along the following lines:—
(1)Freedom of thought and speech and writing has been one of the achievements of our civilisation and the condition of progress in the past. We would remind ourselves that freedom belongs only to those who exercise it.
(2)We urge that students should develop independence of judgment, which will give them the capacity to evaluate propaganda of all kinds.
(3)We urge loyalty to our vocation as students—for our proper service to the community lies in clear thinking and loyalty to truth.
(4)We believe that the causes of the present war lie in a complex historical development for which our own nation has a share of responsibility. It is therefore necessary that we should keep our minds free from bitterness and complacency, and foster that generosity and co-operation which must reinforce political and economic action.
(5)We should foster goodwill towards, and understanding of, those from other countries who have come to live in this land.
(6)We draw the attention of students to the International significance of the rise of the world Church in our day.
For this appeal to achieve its purpose, it must be followed by action. We suggest that it take the following form:—
(a)That the N.Z.U.S.A. encourage students and student societies to concern themselves with the subjects referred to in this appeal and with a factual examination of current affairs.
(b)That student papers take part in fostering interest in the subjects mentioned.
(c)That the co-operation of the teaching staffs be sought for the promotion of the ends in view.
(d)That study material for use during the year be prepared, and we, the N.Z.S.C.M., offer our co-operation in this matter if it is desired.
(e)That this message and the suggested lines of action he forwarded to the Training Colleges.

Printed by The Commercial Printing Co., Boulcott Avenue, Wellington, and Published by the Victoria University College Students' Association, Salamanca Road, Wellington, N.Z.