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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College, Wellington, N.Z. Vol 6, No. 6. May 26, 1943

Tournament Ball

Tournament Ball

I have it straight from the horse's mouth. My billettee says it was a good show. He ought to know—got chosen as an N.Z.U. rep. on Saturday.

A good if rather eccentric assortment of instruments kept the crowd moving very, happily.

The hakas were thought a little too numerous, but one must consider the enormous and obvious enjoyment of the performers.

Our visitors were there in force; all nice people, and, it 1B hoped, en-joying themselves. Arch. Ives, captain of V.U.C. men's hockey, brought forth a pleasantly casual welcoming speech and hoped for a full-scale Tournament in years to come. We endorse this hope—may the war end soon!

The organisation was not perfect—twelve square feet will not house the assorted clothing of one hundred and fifty women, nor is the temper of an exhausted hockey player improved by a fruitless trip to the Gym. In fact, I felt so deeply over this last point that I approached a social committee member on the matter. He turned, savagely and in desperation snarled, "If you had worked from two until nine fighting a patriotic auction sale, all the taxi and transport services in town, and an earthquake wrecked lighting system which didn't function until 7.45, you wouldn't ask moronic questions."

I apologised. I apologise again: apparently things were a little tough!

The feelings of the Sabbath-observers were respected and the whistle blew at twelve with an enthusiastic Auld Lang Syne. A very happy reunion—may there be many more of them.