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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College, Wellington, N.Z. Vol 6, No. 5. May 5, 1943

Graduands-1942 — Oh this learning, what a thing it is !


Oh this learning, what a thing it is !


"A highbrow is a person who looks at a sausage and thinks of Picasso."

—A. P. Herbert.

  • Carter, A. H.
  • Cave, C. A. (Mrs.)
  • English, W. I. (Miss)
  • Harrison, H. Mary (Miss)
  • Kent, W. K. (Miss)
  • Macaskill, F. (Mr.)
  • Hidden, O. (Miss)
  • Robinson, F. M. (Miss)


"Science is the systematic classification of experience."

—G. H. Lewes.

(Ah, yes.—Ed.)

  • Dawbln, W. H.
  • Henderson, C. L.
  • Lees, A. C.
  • Marwlck, G.
  • Morton, I. D.
  • O'Donnell, B. G.
  • Ralph, P. M. (Miss)
  • Seelye, R. W.
  • Swinney, E. M. (Miss)


"Not because of any extraordinary talents did he succeed, but because he had a capacity on a level for business and not above it."


  • Law, G. A.
  • Rosenberg,
  • W.
  • Sullivan,
  • W.
  • J.


"A smattering of everything and a kmowledge of nothing."


  • Allison, W. M.
  • Caird, D. P.
  • Congalton, E. S.(Miss)
  • Cooper, A. W.
  • Cox, C. E. (Miss)
  • Cramb, S. T. (Miss)
  • Denniston, R. H.
  • Durward, M. B.
  • Eichelbaum, Ann
  • Evison, F. F.
  • Ferguson, J. F. (Miss)
  • Fleming, M. L. (Miss)
  • Grant, J. M. (Miss)
  • Grice, M. L. (Miss)
  • Hely, A. S.
  • Hill, H. C. (Miss)
  • Hagg, M. (Miss)
  • Hussey, N. E. (Miss)
  • Ince, M. A. (Miss)
  • Jerymn, I. M. (Miss)
  • Jolly, G. C. (Miss)
  • Koplowitz-Kent, H. S.
  • Lanford, I. (Miss)
  • Lanford, M. (Miss)
  • Lissienko, I. (Miss)
  • Mackersey, M. M. (Miss)
  • Markham, Valda.
  • Money, J. W.
  • McFarlane, J. D.
  • McMaster, Nita M.
  • Nellgan, Ruth D.
  • Newell, W. H.
  • Quinn, K. F.
  • Ramsden, I. W.
  • Robb, J. H.
  • Russell, G. H.
  • Scoones, S. I.
  • Thornton, N. M. (Miss)
  • Towgood, W. W. (Miss)
  • Turner, Rae (Miss)


"Science seldom renders men dutiable—women never."


  • Brodie, J. W.
  • Jonathan, S. R. (Miss)
  • Marwick, Hugh
  • McDowall, I. D.
  • O'Donnell, J. B.
  • Power, J. W.
  • Russell, R. A.
  • Scott, R. A.
  • Simpson, J. W.


"The first thing we do, let's kill all the laweyers."


  • Gibson, K. G.


"And honour sinks where commerce long prevails."


  • Bedbrook, J. R.
  • Gibson, A. R.
  • Leathwich, R. J.
  • Martin, D. L.
  • Simpson, D L. (Mrs.)
  • Slocombe, S.
  • Starke, L. J. R.
  • Thompson, D. J.


"Unless the people can be kept in total darkness, it is the wisest way for the advocates of truth to give them full light."


  • Aikman, Mary I.
  • Alexander, R. R.
  • Armstrong, E. A.
  • Coad, M. I. (Mrs.)
  • Wither, M, E. (Miss)

Dip. Journalism.

"Reading maketh a full man, conference a ready man, and writing an exact man."


  • Kent, M. K. (Miss)

Diploma Banking.

"Poor rogues and usurers' men, bawds between gold and want."


  • Wilson, K. J.

Graduands from Other Colleges.

"Lesser breeds without the law."

  • Chorlton, A. F. F.
  • Hallen, Joy.
  • Lyth, J. B.
  • Coatsworth, W. K.
  • Thorp, N. S. (Miss)

Well, dear friends and country-men, you will shortly have passed into the ranks of those who have lengthened their names by several letters and who have more to enliven their walls than mere pictures. You will, moreover, have known the sweetness of a free ticket to Capping Ball and a toast at Undergrad. Supper. You will bear yourselves well in these things; it is therefore fitting that you be complimented. May your beards grow long and may you parent many children. Congratulations!

• • •

"There ain't no justice in this land. Just got a divorce from my old man. And didn't I laugh at the Court's decision.

They gave him the kids and they ain't his'n."

Ella Wheeler Wilcox.

Vol. XX. Collected Works.