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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College Wellington, N.Z. Vol. 6, No. 3 March 31th, 1943

Players and Talkers

Players and Talkers.

The Music Makers Club met early in the term and a girl whose name I still don't know went to the piano, tucked her skirt underneath her, and turned to us, saying with the most disarming bluntness: "This piece has got one advantage—its Short." Whereupon she played a caprice by Edgar Moy, and we were so taken with her honest diffidence that some of us began to applaud at the end, but were reminded that applause is forbidden—an excellent way of disposing of a shoddy convention.

A member also got up to talk about Arnold Schonberg, the modern Viennese theoretician and composer, after frankly admitting that one week before he knew nothing at all about the man. So we all sat there and gravely listened to a solemn exposition of all the hocus-pocus that was current in the thirties about Schonberg the "mathematical composer," as if Ockeghem and the other incredibly ingenious cerebral composers of the 15th century had never existed. We even heard of Kandin-sky (the expressionist painter) who had praised Schonberg for his "expression superior to meaning" whatever that may be.