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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College Wellington, N.Z. Vol. 6, No. 2 March 17th, 1943

Training College Life

Training College Life

I must first express my thanks to the editor of "Salient" for putting at my disposal the space to discuss Training College life as it is affected by our exile as strangers in a strange land. It is with great pleasure that we have seen the dissipation this year of the spirit of bitterness which has existed between University and Training College in years past We have come in the course of the last six months to realise the futility of the epithets which both bodies have been in the habit of bandying at each other—accusations of "childishness" and "heartiness," "pedantry" and "playing students." We now see one another, even though it be through a glass darkly, as striving to achieve the same aims and ideals. For this I believe we have to thank the social intercourse about the College last year, and the respect and understanding born of it.

Training College, 1943, owes a great debt to the University Executive and to the committees of the affiliated University clubs. We are deeply appreciative of the welcome that they have given us and of their mighty efforts to secure our co-operation in enriching the student life of Victoria College.

Specifically we wish to thank the Executive for all they have done, the Boxing Club for extending the first of friendship to Training College pugilists, with, we may add, most encouraging results, and the Dramatic Society and the Tramping Club for their hospitable offers.

On Saturday a most enjoyable tournament sponsored by the Tennis Club, was held on the College courts, resulting, I regret to state, in the defeat of Training College. We understand that further matches are to be played and look forward to them eagerly. The Varsity Cricket Club and the Training College Cricket Club have had a long association in particular the second grade team has been for some years remarkable for the number of school teachers it has contained. We in turn extend a hearty welcome to all University students to any of our social functions throughout the year, and hope that they will turn up in even larger numbers than therefore.

Finally, a word about ourselves. We differ from University students in that we are public servants of a sort set under the authority of boards, inspectorates and departments, who can say unto us "Do" and we do it. Perhaps this will suggest some of the restrictions which bind our student body, and account for our general conservatism when compared with the University tradition of independent and outspoken utterance. Again we cannot claim the academic dignity which is the University's. Our studies are, in the end, limited by the vision of the grubby snotty-nosed infant whose education is our concern. Hence arises the apparent absurdity of many of our activities, the spectacle of hairy-legged manhood cavorting in small circles with linked hands and so on. Despise us not. It's part of the job.

Lastly, let us hope that Varsity-Training College collaboration will be fruitful of much good for both institutions.

Doug Olson.