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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College Wellington, N.Z. Vol. 6, No. 2 March 17th, 1943


page 4


With the summer almost over, the winter sports clubs are preparing for the coming season, and the notice boards are, freely plastered with notices of annual meetings and lists for intending players. Everyone is urged to study the notices carefully, attend the meetings and sign the lists as it is very difficult for club secretaries to contact all possible players by any other method.

It is pleasing to note the number of clubs which have included Training College students in their plans, principally the Tennis, Tramping and Boxing Clubs. The Cricket Club has, of course, relied on the Training College for years past for many of its players which is quite natural as most Training College students are also Varsity students, many of several years' standing, a fact which is sometimes overlooked by clubs and individuals at Varsity. If all clubs are prepared to welcome and work in with Tr. Coll. students relations between Victoria and Tr. Coll. should continue on an even more harmonious note than before.

Cricket Club

The senior cricket team has performed very well in its last two games, drawing against Wellington College Old Boys, who were then competition leaders, and handsomely defeating Wellington Battalion the following week. The two games served to emphasise, if indeed it needed emphasising, just how much the team relies on those two stalwarts, Bernie Paetz, for many years one of the most consistent all-rounder's in the team, and Gilbert Stringer, the left-handed opening bat, whose consistency during the entire season was rewarded with a fine not out century last week. In 15 innings Stringer, who average is 40.1, has only four times scored less than 20. Paetz, who almost won the game on his own against Old Boys, scored 84 not out, and now has an average of 35. Two other batsmen to have rendered good service are Peter de la Mare, whose average is 22.4, and the captain, Peter Wilson, who not only has a batting average of 20.1, but also has taken many wickets with his slow bowling.

The Seconds registered their sixth win of the season by beating Petone East, chiefly owing to Weston, an acquisition from Otago, who, playing his first game for the club, scored 74 as opening bat, took four wickets and fielded brilliantly. Though the bowling as a whole is far from strong, Ken Moore, a medium-paced bowler who shows much promise, has turned in some fine performances as has Tom Anderson, the pacy opening bowler. The batting has been in and out, by far the most consistent being "Irish" O'Brien, who tops aggregates and average, followed by Doug. Olson. Both have played several valuable if at times stolid innings.

Swimming Club

The ghost walks! Quite energetic efforts have been made to revive the Swimming Club, which was close to extinction, and it is pleasant to record that the effort has not been wasted. Many names are on the list on the notice board already—add yours to them.

The club evening at Thorndon Baths has been postponed to Tuesday, 16th March.

Tennis Club

Saturday, the 6th, saw a group of 60 enthusiastic tennis players at the Tennis Welcome, which took the form of a Yankee Tournament. Throughout the afternoon a high standard of play was maintained despite the fact that a disturbing wind played havoc with many shots. About 5.30 a closely contested final between Goodwin and Miss Peebles v. Berge and Miss N. Turner saw the latter pair victorious by a narrow margin.

On Sunday the weather finally decided to be fine and an enjoyable match consisting of twelve doubles was played between Training College and Varsity. Each team consisted of four men and four women. The players were well matched and games were interesting and well fought. Varsity won by 7 matches to 5. We hope that we will be able to arrange another match with Training College some time.

Freshers—remember you are welcome to play on thecourts any time you wish. There is no special procedure required to join the club. Just come along and play whenever you feel like it. But remember it is necessary to bring your own tennis balls.

The annual general meeting of the above club will be held on Thursday, 18th March, at 8 p.m., in room A3. All intending players should be present. A feature of the very successful club's organization are the "mixed" practices, which, boldly advertised on the notice board, perhaps accounts for the encouraging number of prospective players on the accompanying list.

Athletic Club

Though all the men's sports clubs have been hard hit by the war the Athletic Club has been the greatest sufferer. Now only a shade of its once proud self it still plugs on gamely and nearly every meeting held in Wellington sees a few wearers of the green and gold present. There are only about four active members left in the club but all have been meeting with moderate success, principally "Dicky" Daniells over the mile and half-mile. The walkers, Morton and Henderson and Giff Rowberry, who specialises in the mile and three miles, have also gained points at several meetings.

Basketball Club

Women of V.U.C.!

If you are thinking of taking up some sport this winter, join the V.U.C. Basketball Club. All freshettes who played for their secondary schools last year and wish to keep up the game this year, are especially welcome. If you have never played basketball before, now is the time to start. The club caters for both the good and the not-so-good players—there is plenty of room for all.

Each year the club registers teams with the Wellington Basketball Association, and matches are played off on Saturday afternoons. So, if you want plenty of fun and light exercise, join up. Sign your name on the list on the notice-board, and turn up at the annual general meeting, which is to be held in A3 on Wednesday, 31st March, at 8 p.m.

Watch the notice-boards for further particulars.

Tramping Club

Notwithstanding the loss of many keen Varsity trampers, the club has opened the 1943 season and is now in full swing. The first Sunday of the term saw fifteen trampers and potential trampers setting out from Petone station up the Korokoro stream. The first stop for lunch by the Petone water reservoir was a most delightful spot—even the appearance of the caretaker who labeled us as trespassers failed to detract any of the beauty from the surroundings.

Climbing the hill, a little variation was offered in the form of an almost impenetrable tangle of supplejacks, but much cursing and swearing enabled us to reach the open and the top—and what a view! Hutt Valley and Wellington Harbour lay below us like a map—further to the west over more hills, the Pacific ocean and the South Island were visible. It was grand to be up there in the fresh clean air, gazing down on the manmade city—so small and petty.

With plenty of time to spare, so we thought, Porirua station was reached—we were not to forsee the train pulling out with five of the party left standing on the station, an event which was not, however, particularly calamitous, as a train thirty minutes later enabled everyone to reach Wellington at a reasonable hour.

For the first trip, it was a great success—freshers there were, though there could have been more. The Sunday outings are ideal for an initiation into the ways of the tramping club—not too strenuous, but nicely energetic, and good company provides ample opportunity for discussion on anything.

More enjoyable still are the weekend tramps. Sleeping next door to mother nature has an appeal which few other things have. Join the Tramping Club and experience life in the great outdoors.

Harrier Club

The Harrier Club, which has always been a large and popular organization, enjoyed a very successful season last year and has every prospect of doing so again this year. Its popularity lies in the fact that it caters for all types, from the real hairy toughs down to inhabitants of Weir House, and besides its excellent record in the local competitions it is noted for its very very convivial gatherings, which are held on the Slightest pretext or even without one.

All who wish to join this stalwart merry band should attend the annual general meeting on Wednesday, 17th March.

Boxing Club

Boxing enthusiasts, do not lose heart over the present inactivity. Negotiations are proceeding for the use of a well-equipped gymnasium with a qualified man to train us. It will not be long before the club is under way.

Marxist Discussions

It is intended to hold a series of Sunday evening discussions on Socialism. Would anyone interested please communicate, via the letter rack, with any of the following: J. W. Winchester, Cecil Crompton, A. V. O'Brien.

Women's Hockey Club

During the last few seasons the Women's Hockey Club has become one of the most enthusiastic of the college sports clubs and it is hoped that this season will be even more successful than last year the senior team were runners-up in the local competitions. The junior team, comprised mostly of beginners at the game, showed such enthusiasm that they managed on one auspicious and never-to-be-forgotten occasion to beat the champions of their grade. So come on all you freshers and join the hockey club! We hope to enter three teams in the competitions this year and we need your help. Make the Hockey Club a success! You do not need to have played before. We have weekly practices with the men's club and guarantee to make a player out of you "in ten easy lessons."

If you are interested sign the list on the notice board and come to the annual general meeting on Monday, March 22nd, at 8 p.m.

Rugby Club

There have been rumours circulating to the effect that an amalgamation between Wellington College Old Boys and Varsity Rugby Clubs will be made this season. Old Boys officials approached in the matter seemed to regard it as possible but refused to commit themselves further. However, Orm. Creed, Varsity's secretary, a dogmatic soul, forcefully denied the rumour. He pointed out that Varsity expects to have a strong senior team this season, which may be true, but it is attitude which by ignoring Old Boys' reported plight is hardly consistent with sentiments expressed by those who profess a desire to "keep the game going for the boys overseas." Rugby is a game not restricted to V.U.C.

The annual general meeting of the Rugby Club will be held on Wednesday, 17th March, at 8 p.m., in room A2.