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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College, Wellington, N.Z. Vol. 5, No. 7. September 24, 1942

When History Grows Dim

When History Grows Dim

[All that will be remembered of our forgotten worthies in a future dictionary.]

Gladstone: A bag, travelling bag with an especially wide mouth.

Victoria: Low carriage with a broad seat.

Prince Albert: A stuffed shirt, very long, formal, and never unbuttoned.

Bismarck: An especially fat German rump steak, "not popular now.

Salisbury: Another steak, English, made of what was left over from a Bismarck.

Chateaubriand: A French beef steak, made of something else.

Goethe (pronounced goatee): A form of chinbeard once worn in Arkansas.

Lincoln: A kind of car formerly very popular.

Wellington: A long boot, high sole.

Blucher: Short boot, with a low sole.

Cardinal Wolsey: A brand of gents' underwear.

Henry Clay: A cigar.

Jefferson: A hotel, avenue, or post office.

Napoleon, Washington, Cæsar, Samson: Trade names used in the plumbing business for bathroom fixtures.

Marie Antoinette, Josephine, Marie Louise, Eugenie: Trade names used in ladies' underwear.

King Edward, Bonnie Prince Charlie, Claverhouse, Robert Bruce: Stallions with a pedigree.

Matthew, Mark, Luke and John: Side streets in Montreal.