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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College, Wellington, N.Z. Vol. 5, No. 7. September 24, 1942



What are men at Victoria for? It can't be to carry the heavy cake boxes up and down in the Cable car, to and from the Cafeteria, for the girls do that; it can't be to serve behind the counter in the Cafeteria; it can't be to arrange and prepare the suppers for tea dances, debates, Dramatic Club evenings, etc., for the girls do all that too; it can't be to play basketball, or to go to the Gymnasium classes; it can't be to look for wives, for the female gender has given way long since before the masculine and neuter; it can't be to get a University education, for all but about twenty of them do nothing up here, but play cards, and it can't be to provide learned discourses at debates on the glories of a glass of wine held up against the light, for the girls win hands down there. It can't be to provide a secretary for the Executive, or even an editor for this much-maligned "organ of student opinion at Victoria."

And this record of negatives is what passes with them for running the University!

In conclusion, we must apologise to our poor repressed friend—author of "passers by"—who has obviously been sadly disillusioned by some clucking butterfly. (Who, oh, who could have been the fair cruel?) No more "leather-necks," chocolates, flowers and fun for us in the future—just our dear, thoughtful V.U.C. boys! Oh joy! Oh bliss!

"B. Live"