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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College, Wellington, N.Z. Vol. 5, No. 7. September 24, 1942

Splendid Endeavour

Splendid Endeavour

The Harrier Club, though ever gentlemanly, tolerates no indignities. For instance, during the running of the Endeavour Cup everyone walked up the mighty hills that, had to be surmounted, yet when, on the Tinakoris, a sentry made bold to ask the leading runners what right they had to be there (on the hills, not in the lead), Ian McDowell put him in his place sharply by telling him it was a race, and he would have to get any explanations he wanted later, when we were not so busy. Ian him-self then devoted the next five or six miles to winning the race.

Ian ran well to win, pestered as he was throughout by Dick Daniell and Myles O'Connor. These two irresponsibles were quite unable to make up their minds what the placings were going to be till the last ten yards or less, when in the best Endeavour. Cup finish for years, Ian won by three yards from Dick, with Myles scarcely a yard further back. It was a Stirling effort by all three to put in such, a finish after eight tough miles. The cup itself, which is awarded on a sealed handicap, was won by Steve Wilson, who, it is [unclear: rumoured], ran up some of the hills, Unethical.

In the evening the annual Club Dinner was held in the Grand, and despite the war it was as fine a Club Dinner as ever we have had. Representatives of other Varsity sports clubs helped to fill the gaps caused in our membership by the war, and several former Varsity harriers who have not been able to turn out this season were there. It was a good chow.

Afterwards many of us had a birthday—Dorian's.