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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College, Wellington, N.Z. Vol. 5, No. 7. September 24, 1942

No Man's Land — Exploitation at V.U.C

No Man's Land

Exploitation at V.U.C.

In most of the science departments, student graduates are employed to conduct the laboratory classes. In most cases they mark, and check the note-books, and in some cases, set and correct the practical exam.—in fact, they are mainly responsible for the advance of these younger students.

And what does the student-demonstrator receive in return? His education, gained by paying fabulous fees to the University, is now availed of for a devilishly small compensation. He is required to remain at V.U.C. for his studies, and is anxious to come of a few helping shillings, and is therefore at the mercy of his employers, the College authorities. Except for the Physics department, £200 is the limit for an M.Sc, even with double first class honours—several B.Sc.'s receive £80, £98, and £120 for practically full-time jobs. Surely this work is deserving of more.

In scientific industry, graduates often commence at £400—the value of good training is recognized, and qualifications are paid for. At V.U.C. the student demonstrators' immendiate concern is to complete his studies as soon as possible; until he departs, he remains the object of exploitation by the College. Surely in a University such a practice should not be.

Student Demonstrator