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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College, Wellington N.Z. Vol. 5, No. 3 May 28, 1942

The President of the Waterside Workers Union, Wellington

The President of the Waterside Workers Union, Wellington.

Here we found a knowledge of working-class affairs, and of contacts and impressions of Universities going back half a century, and frankly we were impressed Universities which in his knowledge of Cambridge in the 'eighties represented the young of the landed aristocracy, later in New Zealand represented the monied class, and reflected its views; now there was less of that.

We gave Mr. Canham a copy of the V.U.C. manifesto to read, which he appreciated. The men on the wharves are trying, to fight fascism by turning the ships round quickly. Five years ago they had protested against the sending of scrap-metal to the Japanese. He had followed the Labour movement from the I.W.W. days till now, it is anti-fascist, like the students.

As far as young students being Reds and changing their tone later—well, there were always scabs, and he wouldn't talk about human nature, but rather about the circumstances, both economic and social. A man who, from his twenties till fifty years later, has stood by the Labour movement, told us this: "If you students stand by your beliefs as I have by mine, you will do a lot for the good of the workers."