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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College, Wellington N.Z. Vol. 5, No. 3 May 28, 1942

The Nazis!

The Nazis!

Because they needed an act of provocation as an excuse for suppressing their opponents.

Because they had lost two million votes in the previous three months.

Because opposition to them was growing every day. day.

Because they feared a legal election.

Who Supported Them?

Thyssen: "I personally gave one million marks to the Nazi Party" ("I Paid Hitler").

Krupps: Armaments king and keen supporter of Hitler from 1932.

Kirdorf: President of the Steel Trust, member of the Nazi Party since 1927.

Schacht: Director of Reichsbank, who "has worked consistently for us" (Goebbels, 1932).

And All Big Business Men!

who used Hitler and the Nazis as a cover in order to make sure of their own profits, and were prepared to finance them as a bulwark against Socialism. It was only after Hitler had won the support of these people that he was able to make any big advances.

Why Was the Opposition Weak?

Why, when the total number of members and votes of the Social Democratic and Communist Parties was greater than the Nazis, and powerful Trade Unions existed, was it possible for all this to be allowed to happen?

Because Progressive Parties Were Divided!

Yet, even so, the Nazis realised that the power of the militant Workers was growing, they would not be able to win and hold power without using force. They used the burning of the Reichstag to start

A Reign of Terror

which sent thousands to concentration camps, which ended free speech and thought in Germany, and which has been going on now for nine years.

—Issued by University Labour Federation, Cambridge (Eng.).