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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College, Wellington N.Z. Vol. 5, No. 3 May 28, 1942



ten years ago the German people began to realise' fully what fascism really meant. For nine years the Nazi have held power over the German people, yet opposition to the Nazis has been alive throughout that period and is still alive to-day. That is why Hitler is being forced to withdraw some of his most needed crack troops from the Eastern Front for internal use in Germany. This underground movement remains alive despite of all dangers, because

Nine Years of Fascism Has Meant

For the Employers

Profits in all important industries have increased four, five, and even six times, since Hitler came to power.

Krupp's profits in 1932 were 118,000,000 marks, and in 1937 were 316,000,000 marks.

Nine directors of Dresdner Bank receive 1,100,000 marks salary a year each.

Profits on one ton of coal rose from 4 pfennigs in 1932 to 33 pfenigs in 1936.

For the Workers

"A marked decrease has taken place in the sphere of wages to an even greater extent during the past two years" ("Frankfurt Zeitung," 1936).

"We hereby give you notice to terminate your working agreement with us by April 10th, and we offer you further employment from that date at same condition apart from a Reduction of 15 Per Cent. In Wages and Rates" (Notice in United Metal Works, Hamburg, April, 1936).

In the Ruhr coal mines average earnings per shift in 1929 was 8.90 marks; in 1937 was 7.23 marks.

For the Middle Class

In the year 1936-1937 the number of small workshops declined by 90,000 (German statistics).

In the same year the number of retail stores declined all over the country; in Brandenburg they fell from 52,822 to 41,945.

Percentage of credit given by large banks to small concerns—26 per cent. 1936; 21 per cent. 1937.

For the Students

Between 1932 and 1937 the number of students declined by 57.8 per cent.

The number of women students is limited to 10 percent of total.

"Teachers shall be trained not only in the art of teaching, but in the art of war" (Rust, Nazi, Minister of Education).

Fascism Destroys Free Universities

in every country because it cannot tolerate independent thought and free expression of opinion which are part of a University. Because the Nazis realise that the Universities will become centres of opposition. That is why the Universities of Warsaw, of Cracow, of Prague, of Belgrade have-been closed down. That 3½ why in this country

Universities Can Help Defeat Fascism

because they, by their existence, oppose Hitler and all he stands for; because they can become centres of opposition to Fascism; because the students can take the lead in antifascist propaganda and activity.

But Hitler succeeded because his enemies were divided. If we want to defeat Hitler