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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College, Wellington N.Z. Vol. 5, No. 3 May 28, 1942

General Resolution of the University Labour Federation of Great Britain

General Resolution of the University Labour Federation of Great Britain.

"This Conference, of the University Labour Federation meets at a time when the progressive forces in every continent of the world stand united in a common front against the Fascist aggressors. The superb achievements of the Red Army and the Soviet people in throwing back the Nazi invaders give us inspiration and confidence in the ultimate triumph of our cause. The resources of Reaction are strong and formidable, but the forces of Democracy are growing in strength, overcoming the many obstacles and developing that determination, sacrifice and unity which will bring victory, and with it the possibility of advance to Socialism.

"Nationally and internationally it is our task to strengthen this unity and to oppose any attempts to break or weaken it; we therefore pledge our full and sincere support of the Government. We believe, at the same time, that there is no place in the political or military leadership of our country for those who do not wish to co-operate to the utmost with our Soviet allies or for those whose inefficiency is a hindrance to the war effort. The eliminination of such men from positions of power would strengthen the Government, increase national unity, and bring victory nearer. We believe that the war effort must be intensified in every sphere, and that the establishment of Government control, together with the fullest participation of workers in the direction of essential war industries, would eliminate much waste and bring about a necessary increase in production. Moreover, we realise that victory would be enormously hastened by the opening of a military front on the continent of Europe. This would enable our allies, the oppressed peoples of Europe, to play their full part in the armed struggle. We are determined to play our part in that strengthening of the national effort which must accompany such military action.

"Finally, we believe that the universities and colleges—as upholders of cultural standards which Fascism seeks to destroy—have a special part to play in a policy of victory. By obtaining the best possible training students must equip themselves for service to the common cause. By military training for men and service-work for women, students can make a direct contribution to the war effort. By putting their services—in teaching, in entertaining, in welfare work—at the disposal of the community, they can play a valuable part in the day-to-day activity essential for victory. The U.L.F. has a special task in giving leadership in this work and in providing the socialist political education necessary for a full understanding of the present situation. We pledge ourselves to use our time and influence to make the universities and colleges centres of work, service and political understanding, and to strive, in the finest traditions of the international student movement, to play our full and necessary part part in the organisation of victory."