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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College Wellington, N.Z. Vol. 5, No. 2 April 23, 1942

To the Editor

To the Editor

Dear Sir,

I would like to vindicate the statement issued by the Rev. W. Lawson Marsh in regard to the "Neutrality" of the Pope. Paul Brians (Belgium) stated in London three years ago:—

"That the Nazis were able to come into power so easily was largely due to the abdication of the Catholic Centre Party, which was entirely under the command of Rome. Too many Germans were swayed by hatred of the Weimar Republic. Instead of letting the Catholic Party co-operate with the parties of the Left, they preferred getting into touch with the National Socialists. . . ."

Joseph McCabe has written (1938): "Quite openly—you can read it in the 'Times' or the 'Tablet'— the Vatican calls upon Germany to extend this new brutal type of warfare to Russia, and on the United States to apply it to Mexico."

In July, 1933, Pacelli, then Cardinal Secretary of State, now the present Pope, signed a Concordat with the German Reich guaranteeing freedom of creed and public worship for the Roman Catholic Church. Article 16 obliged the bishops to take the following oath:—

"I swear before God and upon the Holy Gospels and promise loyalty to the German Government and the State. I swear and promise to honour constitutional government and to cause the clergy of my diocese to honour same."

The Roman Church has identical aims with Fascism—the enslaving of consciences and the domination of mankind. The Papacy is anti-democratic and anti-social. In fact, it is perhaps the last absolute monarchy of our time. The motto of the Church is, "Give us our freedom in the name of your principles, so that we may deny you your freedom in the name of our principles."

It is only by granting Catholics freedom in the expression of their [unclear: doctrine] and worship that we can effectively oppose their policy. This, Sir, is not a contradiction, but simply common sense.

I remain,

Yours faithfully,

J. G. Read

28 Duncan Terrace, Kilbirnie.