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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College Wellington, N.Z. Vol. 5, No. 2 April 23, 1942

[Response from M.]

[The chief reason for me to single out "War and Sex" for my criticism of the appeasement mentality were such complaints in the article as of precautions against venereal disease in military camps. It may be true that there would be less amorality without these precautions, but I prefer the fear of God, even of hell-fire, to the fear of syphilis, the quotation from the Ephesians to these secular arguments apparently so much more rational. For there are no moral restrictions totally aaprt from those of our religion. We atheists try to make moral precepts ourselves, stating, for instance, that Good is social and Evil anti-social. We feel the difference between Good and Evil, but we cannot rationalize it. For what is our definition [unclear: but]-grave and doubtful assumption. AH secular arguments condemning Bin because of its perversions, of illegitimate children and . . . syphilis are hopelessly inferior to stating the assumption (the soul's immortality) and replace moral slogans by a real basis. I agree entirely with the general statements of "ABC," but am under the impression that writing "War and Sex" he tried to simplify the issue in a futile way by wishing to use common sense [unclear: where] common sense arguments do not suffice abandoning the only satisfactory proof unintentionally.