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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College Wellington, N.Z. Vol. 5, No. 1 March 26, 1942

Editorial. — We Can Be No Longer Neutral


We Can Be No Longer Neutral

Ever since the outbreak of war, many students have tended to regard the University as an institution where the search for pure learning, free from all partisan bias, has continued unaffected by the immense social changes at work outside. We have been in fact a neutral.

This session opens in a new phase of the war. The alignment of the democratic nations in one solid anti-fascist bloc removes all doubt as to the progressive nature of our war aims; removes all fears that the war may be "switched" and become a war to aid the fascist aggressors. The entry of Japan makes action urgent on the part of everyone.

Students in the War-Effort.

The University must become a vital part of the nation's war-effort. Already many students are away fighting; some have given their lives. Others are helping in Home Guard and E.P.S. These students are part of the University, putting into practice those concepts of freedom and right that they have acquired here. Our studies are no less part of the struggle. We may learn science to make the war-machine more effective technically; we may study arts to give the lead in social questions, to press for army education, for the better organisation of soldiers and civilians in the struggle. At the same time, those cultural values which are a vital part of the civilisation we are defending must be maintained.

"Salients" Policy.

"Salient," as the reflection and mould of student thought, will take the lead in this aspect of University life. Other years editors have been bound by the diversity of opinion at the College—have had no standard which they could call College opinion. We are fortunate this year in suffering no such disadvantage. The manifesto adopted by the Students' Association last year provides us with a clear guide in this matter.

University and Life.

New students, by taking as active a part as possible in University life, will find that in so doing they are taking an active part in national life, and will come closer into contact with the people. This should be a chief end of University education.