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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College Wellington, N.Z. Vol. 5, No. 1 March 26, 1942

Soviet Youth Calling

Soviet Youth Calling

At a huge Youth Rally held in Moscow the following message (reproduced in part) to the Youth of the World was broadcast on September 29th:—

"Youth of the whole world!…Irrespective of your race, social status, religious and political views, we, the youth of the Soviet Union, appeal to you. Over us, the younger generation, hangs the threat of death. Our freedom, happiness, and our young lives are being menaced by the Fascist monsters who bring death and destruction. Hitler has enslaved and plundered Czechoslovakia, devastated Poland, mutilated Norway and Jugoslavia, trampled the fields of France and burned the cities of Greece.

He sent his bandits to bomb the peaceful cities of England. Now he has hurled a tremendous army on our peaceful country…

Youth of the world! Fascism is our deadly enemy. We now have a common task—to smash Fascism. Only the smashing of Fascism will give the peoples a chance of breathing freely, of building up their own states and culture…

All our strength, all our thoughts and aspirations are for victory. With contempt for death, in the name of victory, we must hurl ourselves on the enemy at any cost! We shall, give the army new and fresh reserves —everything to ensure victory…

Students have always been a mighty progressive force, defending the freedom and independence of their peoples. In these days of historic battle, let every university become a mighty fortress of struggle for the people; let every student, wherever he may be, become a fearless fighter for the cause of his people…

We call upon the youth of the world to strengthen this united front of struggle! Fascism will be crushed. Victory will be ours!"