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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College Wellington, N.Z. Vol. 5, No. 1 March 26, 1942

Our Christians

page 4

Our Christians

We announce the first issue 1942 of "Student," organ of the New Zealand S.C.M. It was, as usual, very amiable and compromising. Most general in interest was the article on "War and Sex," the writer of which had the well-known S.C.M. tendency to please Christians as well as sinners; so it pleaded the holiness of marriage with, for an atheist too much unction, for any good Christian far too much timidity, in this way pleasing neither. Cease compromising, Christians! We oppose but like you rather more as you were, strong by the assumptions of an ethical basis founded, not upon humanitarianism (that ephemeral neurosis), but upon a forceful texture of magnificent mythos. In order to be of value that basis should be rigidly fixed. It is sadly impossible to build any moral system without unreasonable assumptions, and most who do not accept any and see through their own "sex-consciousness" and incapability to approve or condemn have a secret admiration for your tradition. But I believe there is more force in stubborn Calvinism than in suave modern "movements" that compromise.

And don't think you can conciliate us by concessions. Remain rigid (as the Communists did) and far distant from us, also open to those who want to change radically and lose their doubt; who seek religion as converts seek it, fanatical, different. In short have the courage to be different.

In this age loose and all unlaced,
No be when vice is so allowed,
Of virtue or afraid or proud.

An S.C.M. Hike took place on Saturday, March 14, in excellent weather and spirits; there were 18 people present. We had tea with herbs in Wilton's Bush, and our abundant community feeling, in danger of thickening into a complex, was resolved in rain by "almost communistic," W. Newell said) mutual distribution of fruits and cakes. Hubert Withe ford tested Christian charity by bringing nothing but a symbolic packet of ginger nuts, and was not disappointed. We played some games in Wilton's Bush, amongst other things an attempt in finding new methods of progression. So inventive was the company that after the third round, when some of the women had already displaced themselves along the ground in various unladylike fashions, someone thought of running across.

The day was concluded by a very pleasant social evening at Beryl Brown's home, where we sang and played games, and it was again asserted that Hubert W. looks exactly like the Japanese War Minister (even in this dangerous hour) and Jean Holmes as coming out of the first illustrated edition of "Pride and Prejudice." It was typical that looking for the words to be formed from the letters of "schedule," we found everything except "seduce." Mr. Engel gave an interesting account of the early history of the S.C.M., and also expressed some unfounded hopes. He announced an S.C.M. study circle, led by Mr. Miller, every Monday, 1-2 p.m. (See notice board.)


On Sunday, the 15th of March, a University service was held at the Kelburn Presbyterian Church. Supper was served in the hall afterwards, and there were large numbers of Training College students present as well.