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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College, Wellington, N.Z. Vol 4, No. 6. June 18, 1941

No Man's Land

No Man's Land

Dear "Salient,"

"Spartacus" has described Christianity as "a mass of contradictions based on the Bible." Christianity, "Spartacus" would do well to realise, is based on the life and teachings of Christ, and if "Spartacus" will kindly "vindicate his remarks" further by quoting one instance of contradiction in the life or teaching of Christ, we may believe him.

The essence of Christianity, as illustrated by Christ, is this: whatever increases happiness in others is good; whatever destroys or "prevents happiness is evil. When the mind observes this, those other important things such as faith follow. If Christ had never occurred, this would still be the truth.

Now, Mr. Hartley, maybe official Christians observe that definition, or maybe they don't; that is of no importance—haven't you yet realised that not everyone who says "Lord, Lord," belongs to the Kingdom of Heaven? And don't you know that ChriBt lived and died in poverty, that he was oppressed, tortured, and killed by those same moneyed classes to which you refuse to be humble; and still he did not organise a revolution against them, but was humble before them, even the "bosses"? You say you know how to "love your enemies," but don't you love your bosses too?

(This correspondence is now closed.—Ed.)