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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College, Wellington, N.Z. Vol. 4, No. 5. June 6, 1941

[Letter from Spartacus to Salient Vol. 4, No. 5. June 6, 1941]

Dear "Salient,"

Mr. Evison has condemned my concept of a Christian as distorted. Of course I was really referring to one sect only—the Oxford Group—but nevertheless I am willing to vindicate these remarks as applying to all Christians, and, indeed, most Pacifists.

When I refer to Christianity, I mean the results of the doctrine and the actions of those who profess the faith in all places at all times.

Thus it is an obvious objective fact that this Christian does not at the present day administer to the poor and tend to the drunk. The slum rents collected by the Church are proverbial. Nor is this real objective Christian a pacifist. He preaches militaristic sermons or teaches youths at the Y.M.C.A. how best to gouge out an enemy's eyes.

But of course "they shouldn't." Each sect of Christians will explain away the others as deviators. Has it ever occurred to Mr. Evison that whereas Christianity, based on the mass of contradiction which is the Bible, is torn with dissensions while Communists agree on every theoretical point, or cease to be Communists? That whereas Christianity, as all its adherents have been forced to admit, has led to more error than truth (or why are they not all Pacifists or Catholics or Jehovah's Witnesses—whichever is right)—Marx can be interpreted in only one way?

Could Mr. Evison have been serious when he hinted that Communism is the result of selfishness and conceit? I have too high an opinion of Christian fairness to believe that he knew what he was saying. These men (and women) who devote life and energy to the emancipation of the human race from an effete order—who stand firm whether their careers or lives are threatened—who alone have consistently opposed Fascism with its degrading results to humanity—who fought valiantly against overwhelming odds in Spain to stave off the monster which threatens to overrun the world to-day—dare you slander these people, Mr. Evison, dare you?