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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College, Wellington, N.Z. Vol. 4, No. 1 March 12, 1941


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You are members of the University. Are you merely going to swot with us and find your recreation elsewhere? Or do you want to make friends? Join a sports club. There is no formality about it. The notice boards will tell you what to do and the clubs will welcome you. Perhaps you were a champion at school. Then your 'Varsity sporting career may be crowned with a blue. But in any case, join a sports club and make friends.


Varsity Trampers in the Southern Alps

A first traverse from Mt. Murchison to Mt. Davie and high camps at Dognott Tarn, Rice and Raisin Glacier and Harman Pass, and an interlude in the Westland bush of the Taipo, were highlights of the Tramping Club Xmas trip.

We climbed from a base camp at the confluence of the White River with the Waimakariri, near the Main Divide of the Southern Alps. There were sixteen of us—eleven men and two women from Victoria and three women from Otago.

Packhorses carried our food in to the base camp. Consequently our rations were liberal to the envy of other trampers in the valley. Our blancmanges were simply Devine. Rex baked bread and scones—hence the tale of a camp oven.

A Toheroa party was also camped at Carrington—and so the tale of a rope. A major discovery on Mt. [unclear: Isobel] was the epic of J. D. Pascoe and wife Dorothy in brackets. We owe a lot to the amiable squire of Carrington.

Our party was so active that it might have been accused of "peak bagging." Every one of us Got at a mountain. But we had our "saloobs" too. A party of the boys trotted out over the three passes to the Red Lion Hotel, Hokitika.

Dance at Makara for Pte. Hawkins and Hind.—Advertisement in Karori shop window.


The 1st XI has had any but a good season. The personnel has undergone frequent and most bewildering changes. However, there has been one compensation—the consistently good form of Peter Wilson throughout the season, which culminated in a splendid 156 against Wellington College Old Boys in the last game. He was our sole representative in the provincial matches, although he failed to reproduce the brilliancy of his club innings. In the first innings of the Auckland game he scored 32. A very solid 25 came at a critical time in the second innings of the Canterbury match at New Year, and did much towards allowing the later batsmen to force the pace near the end of the game.

Greig, now in military camp at Dannevirke, was developing into a very useful all-rounder, and his 51 and 6 for 109 against Karori in the first round was excellent.

Much interest has been taken in the appearance of Larkin, the ex-Taranaki representative. In his final half-century against Wellington College Old Boys in the first round he produced crisp, clean shots—cricket at its best.

Although no games have been won this season so far, sufficiently good form has been shown to make them interesting and enjoyable. The Wellington match was exciting and crammed full of interest. It marked the re-appearance of Blandford and Massey, and the 'keeper's two stumpings off the ex-New Zealand slow bowler were real gems.


Boxing activity is well under way and with the annual Victoria College tournament chalked up for the near future—March 20th tentatively—our pugilists are already swinging the punch bag with a will.

The season is short and snappy; after Easter organized boxing is over for the year, so our efforts are concentrated into these few weeks, culminating in the Inter-Varsity Easter Tournament. Last year our Victoria boxers carried home the shield triumphantly from this tournament—this year we must retain it.

Each Monday and Thursday nights at 7 p.m. we are coached by the veteran professional Tim Truly in his gymnasium in Upper Willis Street. Training is keen, and the boring technique is rapidly improving under the capable tuition of Tui. We mean to hold that shield this year.

Although we would like to see everyone entering for the local tournament, it is by no means obligatory. Take advantage of these training evenings to become fit—rise from the musty text book and join us in the healthy activity of the club. This is a great chance to improve your boxing, so waste no time.

Enter for our own tournament. You may win your weight and the honour of representing Victoria in the Easter tournament.


The War has claimed all but three of last year's members, and all but one of last year's "eight," but the Rowing Club carries on with enthusiasm. A new committee was elected in January, and every night but Friday crews splash vigorously across the harbour under the guidance of President V. E. Donnelly and Coach Spurdle.

On February 22nd at Korokoro, both of the Green and Gold crews finished third. Crews were:—

Youths.—Donnelly (str.), Casey, Maplesden and Macalister (bow).

Maidens.—Wilson (str.), Douglas, Wade and Carroll (bow).

All but one man of the three Star Boating Club crews that raced at Wanganui on March 8th were 'Varsity men Crews were:—Youths: Donnelly, Casey, Maplesden, Macalister. Maiden: Wilson, Moore, Wade, Carroll; and Novice: Wilson, Wade, Cross and another.