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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College, Wellington N.Z. Vol. 3, No. 6

The Communist Says ..

The [unclear: Communist] Says ...

With the passing of the powers when mean that the introduction of military conscription for home and over seas is imminent, the workers, everywhere are saying, "What shall I do if the [unclear: oranised] labour movement is unable to prevent the operation of conscription?"

We state [unclear: categerically] that we are opposed to Conscientious Objection as a weapon against the war.

At the 7th. World Congress of the Communist Internet [unclear: and] [unclear: Ercoli] stated clearly what in our opinion is the correct attitude.

"We are not anarchists. Boycott of mobilisation, boycott of the army, sabotage in factories, refusal of military service, and so on, these are not methods of fighting war, because they separate us from the masses and can only help the [unclear: bour-geesie] to strike still more savagely at the Communist vanguard."

An Imperialist war can be ended by refusal of military service-- this is as illusory [unclear: as] to think that exploitation can be ended by refusal to work for a capitalist exploiter.

Lenin in "Notes to the Delegation to the Hague" written in 1922, argued against these who advocated a boycott of military service in this fashion.

"Boycott of war is a stupid phase. Communists must participate even in the most reactionary war."

We must not be guilty of the betrayal of the masses of the workers in the army by isolating the class conscious workers from them.

Karl [unclear: Liebknecht] did not refuse to go to the front when con- page break scripted during the last war. The French Communists did not refuse in the present war. The French Communists did not refuse in the present war. The Bolsheviks in Russia entered the [unclear: Tzarists] Army and [unclear: Vorishiloy] and Budyonny received their first training in the Tzar's Army.

Whilst being very definite in our [unclear: opposition] to Conscientious Objection as a weapon against war we support the right of [unclear: pac] [unclear: itists] and C.O's to refuse to be conscripted and we will protest against their persecution.