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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College, Wellington, N.Z. Vol. 3, No. 4. 1940

No Man's Land, continued

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No Man's Land, continued.

Dear Salient,

In reply to the criticisms of my letters which were published in your last copy, I would draw the attention of the writer and other's who hold his views, to the following facts which I think, are undeniable. First, though war aims were not included in the Government's electoral platform, I am still correct in saying that war was declared by the Government in accord with the wishes of the majority of the people. Second, the Government cannot be accused of deserting the workers and people for militarists and capitalists, when they still have the support in the war of all but a small minority of the workers and people, including those who disagree with the Government's Internal policy.

I again state that anyone who declares that England is the aggressor and undeserving of New Zealand support is not a pacifist. Surely a pacifist is one who opposes all war, not one particular war. In addressing an appeal to all true pacifists to support the war effort in non-military ways, it is because this war is, I am still convinced, a fight against aggression, it was not England who invaded Poland, Denmark, Norway, or Czechoslovakia. I would point out to them that many who have the inconsistency to call themselves pacifists, at the same time advocate revolution. Socialists, if they think over this problem, may also realise that a German victory would undo all that has been done towards establishing a socialistic democracy.

In reference to your editorial, I fear I cannot spare the time to collect data to answer your statements in full. But I would point out that in 1914 there were 100,000,000 people with a tradition of racial independence, in European belligerent countries alone, who were oppressed by the nation that ruled them, in 1921 the minorities amounted to about 20,000,000 people who had protection from Minorities Treaties. The one and a half million miles miles of territory was none of it independent, but about three quarters of a million square miles of it is now under its own government.

Ewen Cardale.