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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College, Wellington, N.Z. Vol. 3, No. 4. 1940

Tramping News

Tramping News


This was an amazing trip. It was surely unprecedented for all but one of a varsity party of seventeen which had set out for Tauherenikau to go on to Alpha (in spite of the gloomy forebodings of R.L.M.). We were first amazed by the freshers and others who ran up the Puffer quicker than you could say "Excelsior" and left Chas and their leader standing. Chas was first to reach Alpha, however.

At the Chateau we decided after considerable discussion (and bread and honey and peanuts) to go ontto Alpha. Some began to regret this on the Block XVI ridge which was a little steeper and a lot longer than some had realised. The ascent however was made thrilling by the wild slashing of slashers (we were supposed to be blazing the track). All things come to an end, oven Block XVI, and we wire glad when we dropped down from Omega to Hell's Gates, because we knew we should have to climb all that way up again. J.K.J. was reluctant to leave Hell's Gates and indulged in backsliding all the way up the zig-zag. Alpha was reached by dusk. The amazing Bill Roberts hawe was not satisfied with having come all that way in bare feet, but insisted on feeding every body. Alec MacLeod made an excellent stew.

There were two discussion groups during the evening, the politicians and the low-brows. We must thank Chas who stayed behind in the morning to clear up after the mob, and Henri, Ron, Bill and others who took turns in carrying the pack of The B———, who was not well.

We came out over the slightly boring Marchant ridge in good time and were little more than an hour late for extrav rehearsal!

J. W.-H.

Totara Flats.

After half an hour's wait for the members who had slept in, Mr. Anderson arriving strangely unabashed and Miss Ross arriving not at all, Ron Meek's party for the new Dalefield-Kaitoke trip left the Telephone Exchange at 9a.m.

When Kaitoke was reached, Joy Stock and Messrs. Anderson and Johnston loft the lorry to make their way to Tauherenikau. The rest of the party travelled on over the Rimutakas.

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Starting from Dalefield three hours' bush scrambling brought us down into the beautiful Totara Plats. On arrival at Sayers' Hut Messrs. Viggers, Collin and Butchers declared their intention of crossing the Waiohina that night to relieve the congestion at Sayers. Accordingly, Don was attached securely at the end of the many feet of rope that had luckily been brought, and he sallied forth into the treacherous current. After 20-minutes battling in the icy water he finally reached the bank.

A pleasant night was spent by the main party in singing Extra v songs, consuming stow, and discussing the historic mission of the working class in the overthrow of the bourgeoisie and the establishment of a socialist society. Early to bed with our Devine insisting on reading "True Confessions" in bed.

Next morning as the mists cleared Totara Flats were soon at their best. The Waiohina was crossed without too much trouble and the party proceeded down the river and up into the, push towards Cone Saddle. Cone Saddle Hut was visited and came the descent to the Upper Tauherenikau. At Top Hut an amazing meal of bread butter cheese sardines onion was masticated. This later had the most amazing effect on some members of the party, especially Mr. Boyd.

At the Chateau two been bottles on the mantelpiece proved that the two other members, had boon and departed. Over the hill and to the lorry, concluding one of the pleasantest trips the Tararuas have to offer.