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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College, Wellington, N.Z. Vol. 3, No. 4. 1940

[Letter to Salient Vol. 3, No. 4. 1940 from N. R. Taylor]

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Dear Salient;

I fear that Mr. Even has hit upon the truth when he calls himself "just another half-baked intellectual snob." It is regretable, for his letter is one of the most refreshingly rude efforts that has ever appeared in Salient. That it was in all probability warranted under the circumstances does not alter the fact that one of his seeming intelligence has committed a blunder more particularly peculiar to freshers. His letter is clever, but seems to suffer from the same essential pride as the letter of which he complains. Admittedly most writing is more or less a protusion of the writer's ego for his own satisfaction, but there are some writers who have reached that stage of commonsense where they have the decency to conceal it. I would suggest that this be one of the first lessons which Mr. Ewen might learn at a University, and it is applicable, not only, though it would seem primarily, to Mr. Ewen and his fellow freshers.

Salient gets many letters and articles that are a little too undisguisedly mountains of intellectual pride, and it seems not out of order to draw attention to the fact. I think I am perhaps correct in suggesting that in the end Salient does not exist purely to satisfy the ego's of its writers, but also has the somewhat minor purpose of interesting its readers. This is not meant to be cynical or ironical. From one then of Mr. Ewen's evident ability a little humility would be very welcome. Mr. Ewen and his contemporaries who appeared the week before, seem to this uncritical eye to be the "goods", but if only they would stop using such big words we poor slightly-elders night understand them.

N. R. Taylor