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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College, Wellington N.Z. Vol. 2, No. 18. September 20, 1939

Farsity Fable No. 2

Farsity Fable No. 2.

A Certain Very Attractive Undergraduate lived at Upper Hutt and because of this found it Very Difficult to get Partners to take her to the 'Varsity Dances. So she was Not Able to Come to many of these. This was a Great Pity for she really was a Very Attractive Girl and could have had a lot of Fun. However, One Night she Became Desperate and Decided to Come to a Dance Without a Partner, and she Hoped, by a Suitable Display of her Charms, to Pick One Up. As it happened, there were Quite a Number of Pretty Girls at the Dance, but nevertheless she had very little trouble in Attracting a Fairly Handsome Youth round about the Third or Fourth Dance. He took her down to Supper and for a Little Walk afterwards, and the Two of Them wore Getting On Famously together. However, she happened to Mention, quite casually, that she lived at Upper Hutt. As soon as the Handsome Youth heard this his Ardour Cooled Considerably, and Mumbling something about an Early Lecture next Morning, said he Must be Getting Home to Bed. Hence the Very Attractive Undergraduate, instead of having a Nice Cosy Ride Home with a Handsome Youth, had to Take a Taxi and Go Home by Herself a Cost of Eleven Shillings.

Moral: a Girl in the Town is Worth two in the Suburbs.