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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College, Wellington N.Z. Vol. 2, No. 18. September 20, 1939

The Mulberry Bush

The Mulberry Bush

In further articles the propagandist, the advertiser, the quack, the "new religion," God and Britain are all taken severely to task. This may appear to indicate that "Rostrum" is a true university production. These are the vital things which must be dealt with! But it rather points to the danger of our treading round and round in a circle like the mule that threshes the grain.

The articles themselves are well written. "The New Religion " and "This Advertising Racket" are two especially which take a very capable grasp. But not one of these articles gives us anything new, they break no new ground, and they come to no new or forceful conclusions. We have all taken part in these sort of discussions ourselves round club- and cafe- tables. It Is for this reason that they are chiefly what journalists, always vulgar, call "rehashes," that they fail. Now, if ever, is the time for revolutions in the university. But the mule, the mule . . .

We do not require to be told again that "the crux of the matter is that these strange teachings are approached emotionally rather than reasonably." ("Some Charlatans") . . . The writer of this, though a perhaps promising enough thinker, must surely have been in the vicinity of a recent shower of rain. There are other writings which we find highly embarrassing in their raw-boned youthfulness.