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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College, Wellington N.Z. Vol. 2, No. 18. September 20, 1939

N.Z. University Students' Association

N.Z. University Students' Association

Despite the international crisis the New Zealand University Students' Association held a special general meeting at Wellington on September 2nd. A wide variety of matters was discussed and the more Important are reported hereunder.

The method of selection of Rhodes Scholars was criticised. Most Colleges were of the opinion that the reports drawn up by the Student Associations on the social qualifications of candidates received little consideration from College authorities. There was also difficulty regarding the interpretation of qualifications on which the former were asked to report. Steps were being taken to see if student representation could not be obtained on the Selection Committee.

The need for an equitable basis for the payment of degree fees was stressed. In some cases they were too high (e.g.. Law) and others too low. As a consequence it was felt that a move should be taken to bring about standardisation, and the Registrar is to be approached.

Student Congress

The meeting supported the idea of Student Congress, but the matter was referred back to the individual colleges for further investigation as it was considered that unless concrete proposals were forthcoming interest could not be adequately gauged.

The N.Z.U. Press Bureau was granted affiliation.

A sub-committee was set up at A.U.C. to investigate examination conditions. Apparently in provincial centres much lattitude is allowed examinees. Also such things as the selection of supervisors, writing paper, ink, and other unhappy et ceteras wore the subject of adverse comment. The report is to be referred to the Registrar.

A tour of Australian University athletes has been arranged for 1940. A strong team is being sent. C.U.C. recommended the inclusion of a pole vaulter.

In addition to athletes a debating team will make a 4 to 5 weeks' tour in June and July, 1940. An endeavour will be made to have public lectures Included in the programme and, subject to the consent of both parties, the debates will be on a decision basis.

Many alterations and additions were proposed by V.U.C. to the Joynt Scroll rules. And the suggestions were referred back to the colleges for consideration. They were chiefly concerned with the more efficient functioning of the contest.

The national student publication, "Rostrum," is to be continued annually, being published about the middle of July. The publication has been well received and it is estimated that over 1.000 copies will be sold. Editor Amies wag congratulated on his effort.

Refugee Relief

It was decided that owing to the international situation and the fact that difficulties would be experienced with the immigration authorities "that the campaign for Refugee Student Relief be suspended until further notice; and that the funds already in hand be hold by the colleges in trust for the purpose for which they were raised."

A comprehensive report by a C.U.C. sub-committee on Curricula was received. The report is divided into four sections—Liberal Education, Lectures, Examination System, and Reform. Under the heading of Liberal Education the need for popular lectures was emphasised, as was the need for some system by which a student can attend lectures that are outside their own course, but in which they are interested. The provision of lectures in current events was 'advocated. There also should be "a [unclear: tremendously] increased degree of [unclear: flexibility] extending through the whole of the first year and aiming at a general cultural education." It is gratifying to note that external examinations in Stage 1 subjects are shortly to be abolished and the report considered that the principle of internal examinations could be extended to the higher stages. It was held that there was a wide scope for improvement in teaching methods on the lines of the tutorial and seminar system, but that this was largely impossible owing to "the lamentable lack of financial resources available to the University of New Zealand." However, a compromise could be made by the provision of more adequate duplicated notes and synopsis.

Alterations in curricula were dealt with in some detail. Investigation on lines similar to this report is to be carried out at all other colleges.

On Health

A preliminary report by an Otago University sub-committee on Health Facilities at each university was considered. It was felt that the question warranted a more detailed investigation, and consequently the Otago University sub-committee will draw up a comprehensive questionnaire, that will be circulated throughout the colleges. Also the Dean of the Medical Faculty will be approached to ascertain whether a medical student could not take "student health" as the subject for a thesis. Even this preliminary report indicates that many of the university faculties are outmoded and scanty and certainly not conducive to the best well-being of the student.

With regard to the transfer of students between colleges it was moved and carried "that in any such case the students' Student Association foe be considered as paid at the now college on production of a certificate from the former college."

In conclusion it was moved and carried "that this meeting recommends, in the event of war breaking out, that the Government takes steps to prevent profiteering and other associated evils."