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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College, Wellington, N.Z. Vol. 2, No. 16. August 2, 1939

Letter to Salient from Candide 27/7/1939

Dear "Salient,"

The writer of last week's editorial says of the Socialist that, should Britain become involved in war as a "Fascistic" power (i.e.. under the present Government?): "If he enlists it is to fight for a completely different object than that of his Government. It is in order to obtain arms and to have the chance of beginning a revolt when the moment is favourable, as Lenin did—but this time a revolt against a Fascist regime. The chance of a world Socialist revolution arising from another world war seems to me extremely probable. "

Although considerations such as these have undoubtedly been responsible for the enthusiasm with which the gentlemen of the extreme left have hailed the prospect of a war with the totalitarian states they have rarely been expressed with such admirable candour and it seems proper that those who do not desire such action as is contemplated in the above quotation should realize the facts of the situation. It is difficult to resist the conclusion that in their conversion to a bellicose policy our Reds have been actuated by a wish not so much to see British interests preserved us to obtain an opportunity to carry out their own economic and political policy even at the cost of first wrecking western civilization. Nor can we believe that in urging upon Britain a policy of "firmness" the Russian government has been oblivious of the fact that a world war would. In all probability, be followed by the revolution which "H.W.G." so cheerfully anticipates.

The spectacle of the leftist lamb lying down with the imperialist lion may seem at first very touching but it takes on a different and somewhat sinister aspect when it recognized that the lamb is in reality a wolf in sheep's clothing.

Yours faithfully,