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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College, Wellington, N.Z. Vol. 2, No. 13 July 5, 1939

Chemical Society

Chemical Society

Dear "Salient,"

May I, as one not a member of the V.U.C.S.A., be allowed to remark on certain matters related to the A.G.M. of the V.U.C.S.A. I was not present at the meeting in question, but have read the report in "Salient," and have heard various accounts from those who were present. I should like to call attention to some confusion which appears to exist in regard to the V.U.C. Chemical Society.

(1) The report in "Salient" leads one to believe that this Society regarded the fact that it did not receive a grant as a "grievance"—a wretched word. This is not so. No grant was required or expected by that Society. What certain people have objected to is the fact that no written reply has been received; other societies have expressed dissatisfaction at what they regard as a lack of efficiency on the part of the Students' Association in this matter.

(2) Mention has been made of the Chemical Society balance sheet. The Hon. Auditor has remarked on a lack of vouchers for the sum spent, 2/11. We saw no necessity to produce receipts from H.M.P.O., nor did we pick up receipts from Woolworths' floor. I might remark that any comment in this respect is out of place considering that the V.U.C.S.A. balance sheet bears similar remarks, though not so humorous. As the sums involved in this case are much larger, perhaps the Executive could have supplied the necessary evidence by grovelling in the dust and dirt on the floors of railway carriages in search of tickets.

(3) The Chemical Society Committee has at the moment only one part-timer, and he is here two whole days of the week, and is then available for committee meetings.

Yours sincerely,

(Signed) E. P. White.

As two members of the V.U.C.S.A. who were present at the meeting, we entirely endorse the correctness of the above statements. There is no need to comment on Mr. White's qualifications to speak on the subject.

(Signed) P. A. Ongley.

N. D. Jamieson.