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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College, Wellington, N.Z. Vol. 2, No. 13 July 5, 1939

What about Golf?

What about Golf?

It is time that something was done about Golf in the University of New Zealand. There is a considerable number of players in the six colleges comprising the University, but no organisation exists to enable them to play as University Students. Overseas, golf is played extensively in the Universities and, in fact, a team of Oxford University golfers has toured the U.S.A. Let us therefore do something about New Zealand.

It has been suggested that golf should be included in the Easter Tournament, though this seems impracticable for three reasons :—
1.The billeting list would be bumped up by at least 18. It is very difficult to arrange 180 billets at present, and the further burden would probably crush the billeting officer.
2.The tournament committee would probably go nuts trying to run a tournament which is already almost too unwieldy.
3.So many other important tournaments are held at Easter that it would be hard to attract our scratch players to participate in our own Tournament.

Nevertheless, a New Zealand University Golf Tournament run separately from the Easter Tournament, at some time later in the year, would indubitably be popular. The holder of the title of "New Zealand University Champion" would need to play very well to gain this honour and I am sure our champion would be regarded with respect on any golf course in New Zealand. At the present time, to be N.Z.U. Champion one would have to beat Graham (V.U.C.). North Island Champion, and Gibbs (O.U.). runner-up in the New Zealand Amateur Championship last October.


First, a club should be formed at V.U.C. This does not imply that we should rent a course, or do anything expensive, but it would give us an official position in our negotiations with other Colleges.

Secondly, a meeting should be held, attended by representatives of all colleges, for the purpose of forming a New Zealand University Golf Council. which should be affiliated to N.Z.U.S.A. and the N.Z. Golf Council.

In my opinion, the first job of the University Golf Council would be to institute and successfully establish a N.Z. University Tournament. This in itself is sufficient to occupy the golf brains of the University for a year or so. Once established, the tournament would, we feel sure stay; but many matters must be investigated and considered carefully before a tournament becomes an established fact.

Inter-Varsity Match.

We suggest that an inter-Varsity match could probably be played concurrently with the tournament. V.U.C. could this year field a good team, comprising such players as David Graham (scr.), present N.I. Champion; John Graham (2), Feilding Club Champion; Rex Burnard (4); G. T. Rapley (5); T. A. Tarrant (5); and Manley (6). Such a team would give the other colleges much to think about, and we hope that something is done very soon to give them such a headache.