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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College, Wellington, N.Z. Vol. 2, No. 12. June 28, 1939



Briefly, Mr. Savage and Mr. Nash are liberals of the humanitarian type and they wish to better the condition of the workers at the expense of the employers, which they have done as far as is possible within the present capitalist economic framework: but having achieved this commendable object they seem unwilling to proceed further and place the economic power in the hands of the people. Hence the delay in implementing the financial policy which won the last two elections.

It is this delay which Mr. Lee complains of so bitterly in his circular saying that Mr. Nash is always two years in arrear of Labour's programme. He is alarmed at "the present evidence of indecisive vacillation and drift" inside the party, and urges a vigorous prosecution of Labour's financial policy. Mr. Lee, a member of the Labour government and Mr. Nash's financial under secretary, stated bluntly his opinion that Mr. Nash is too inclined to orthodox, i.e. capitalist. Financial methods, and is unfit for his job In the proof of this he brings home to Mr. Nash a formidable array of mistakes in carrying out the Labour policy: but studiously avoids any criticism of Mr. Savage for the obvious reason that the Prime Minister is now at the flood tide of his magnificent popularity and has such personal prestige as to make any attack against him abortive. But that does not make Mr. Savage any less [unclear: Mameworthy]: indeed it would seem that he is abusing his personal power by thwarting the desires of Caucus in retaining Mr. Nash in office as finance minister.