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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College, Wellington, N.Z. Vol. 2, No. 12. June 28, 1939

Postscript on Diet

Postscript on Diet

The Editor "Salient."

Dear Sir.—Your issue Vol. 2. No. 9 of June is great. "Food and Health" and "Truth in Advertising" is the stuff needed these days. It is pleasing to know that youth is aware of these things. It's a pity "Salient" isn't more widely circulated.

I myself have been worrying along on these lines and would have written somewhere ("Standard" or "Worker's Weekly") about it if only I could have raised the time to write a good article. But I have a school, and a home and family to work for and am fully occupied.

But it does worry one to see the way these things go on and we are most of us blissfully content to let sleeping dogs lie.

Radio, as well as newspaper advertisements, are appalling, when one thinks of how the public is gulled into spoiling their own health for the sake of vested interests, etc.

Did ever one hear such idiotic rubbish as Aunt Daisy's hour. etc. And even in at least a few of the schools, girls are still taught unnourishing ways of cooking—white flour, cakes, peeled potatoes, etc. Even our Native Health Nurse here has just started cooking lessons for the young people—on the above orthodox lines!!

Working amongst the Maoris as we do all this is heart-breaking—they listen eagerly for Aunt Daisy's "recipes" and imbibe all this rubbish to their own detriment.

Many boarding schools, too, are a menace to the health of the young people—only a few like Auckland Boys' Grammar School Hostel run on Dr. Chapman's lines are really to be recommended. I have two girls due for boarding school next year and am somewhat worried over the matter.

What is the "Consumer's League?"

I belong to the N.Z.W. Food Value League, but haven't heard of the other.

With best wishes to the "Salient."

Yours faithfully,

Honoria L. Cheveney