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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College, Wellington, N.Z. Vol. 2, No. 12. June 28, 1939

Funny Story

Funny Story

Hitler was endeavouring to persuade Goering to commence new Jewish pogroms.

"Oh, no." said Goering. "I think we might find the Jews very useful."

"How?" asked Hitler.

"Well, they've got very acute minds in business, they're tactful, and quick on the uptake. You come out shopping with me, and I'll show you."

So they went to an Aryan hardware shop.

"Bring me six beer mugs." said Goering to the man behind the counter. As the man was going to fetch them, he said: "They must be left-handed mugs!"

The man turned, and came back to the counter. "I'm sorry." he said, "we haven't any left-handed ones."

"All right." said Goering, and walked over to a Jewish hardware store opposite.

The same procedure was gone through. But when Goering gave his command that the mugs must be left-handed ones, the Jewish assistant didn't pause a moment In his tracks, but went straight to the back of the shop, and returned with six ordinary beer mugs, which he placed on the counter with their handles to the left.

"That's all right." said Goering, and walked out. "There you are." he said to Hitler, "what amazing presence of mind! He didn't bat an eyelid when I told him the mugs must be left-handed."

"He was awfully lucky, though." said Hitler.

"Why?" asked Goering.

"He mightn't have had any left-handed ones in stock." replied Hitler.