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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College, Wellington, N.Z. Vol. 2, No. 12. June 28, 1939

Thank You

Thank You

The majority of students have little notion of what an executive means and does. Some even find pretence, for reasons best kept to themselves, to vaingloriously denounce its members. Such an attitude is understandable if not excusable. We may find solace. perhaps, in the fact that its incidence is limited to an untenable handful.

To the more generous, it would be well to focus attention on the services of several members of the retiring executive, notably those of Miss Kean, Mr. Edgley and Mr. Heine. Mr. Heine has been secretary of the Students' Association for two years. During that time he has attended with quotable efficiency to all manner of onerous tasks. In his retirement we remember him—a secretary amongst secretaries.

Of Mr. Edgley's services it is not easy to speak briefly. As president for the past two years he has done his job tirelessly and well. Those who know Mr. Edgley and have worked with him do not need to be told of his devotion to the welfare of students, of his [unclear: enviable] conscientiousness. Others should not need to be told.

Those who undertake responsible executive positions are usually the last to want any [unclear: eulogies] spoken, but whether they want it or not, there is something that they do deserve, and that is the whole-hearted gratitude of students. From those who are capable of giving it—they have it.