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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College, Wellington, N.Z. Vol. 2, No. 12. June 28, 1939



The famous "grievances" of the full-timers were then disclosed by Mr. Ongley and Mr. Cardale.

The "grievances" were as follows—
(1)Polling for the elections did not commence until 4.30, which was inconvenient for full-timers.
(2)The rules relating to the new committee-room in the Gym, stated that the room was to be used for this purpose only at night. In reply, it was pointed out that the rules had just been issued, that the full-timers had not applied for permission to use the room during the day, and that there was no committee in the College composed solely of full-timers
(3)There was no drinking fountain installed in the University. In reply it was pointed out that one could get a glass of water at the [unclear: Caf for] nothing, that water was available for drinking purposes in the room opposite the notice-boards, and that the "grievance" equally affected part-timers.
(4)The closing of the common room was unfair to the full-timers, as the damage was not caused by them and was not deliberate. In reply, it was stated that there was unshakable evidence that the damage was deliberate, and was caused between the hours in question.
(5)The Exec, was negligent and [unclear: lay] in replying to correspondence. Pressed for instances, Mr. Cardale referred to (a) the fact that the Free Discussions Club was not yet affiliated and (b) the fact that the Chemical Society had not yet received a grant. In reply, the President of the Discussions Club admitted that it was entirely the fault of the Club itself that it was not yet affiliated and Mr. Hatherly explained satisfactorily the question of the Chemical Society.
(6)That the Exec. was negligent in the matter of repairs to the Gym. Mr. Edgley explained the matter so satisfactorily that Mr. Cardale did not pursue it.