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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College, Wellington, N.Z. Vol. 2, No. 11. June 21, 1939



When I creep out on the darkness
There may be a song from me—
A song in cover the fear in my heart.
For I know not if it be
That the track of the blue death-mountain leads
Where the stars are burning deep beyond
The black rim of the sea. . . .

Will I not hear winds [unclear: laughing] up the slopes.
Or whispering in the greaat forests of [unclear: pine!]

[unclear: If] I creep out on some hour
When there is moonfire in the temple at night,
I willl beware of mountains clogged
Dazzling [unclear: snows,] and deep chasms
shrouded in [unclear: mists]. Chasms of death—
And flee into the sad depths of the sky
Through black indistinguishable clouds
[unclear: Seriously] tossing, like serrated peaks on the horizon.
Towards [unclear: what!]
Towards the [unclear: silence]
Towards the eternal?
Towards the ultimate something, what crer if is.....
if I reach some place
Where bell turrets of the dance clang out brazen peals.
Some place where the trees are [unclear: hollowed] out in cool [unclear: ca][gap — reason: illegible] of blue shadow—
I will live in that forest.
Roam in the dark valleys.
[unclear: Because] all the things you [unclear: whispered] to me
Are buried in my heart,

Vesta Emanuel.