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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College, Wellington, N.Z. Vol. 2, No. 9. June 7, 1939

The Solution

The Solution

As Professor Huxley said in his commentary during the famous Nutrition Film, "No complete solution of our problem to possible without considerable economic changes, either by providing the lowest paid members of the community with increased purchasing power or with cheap or free milk or other protective foods. But such a solution is a difficult long-term matter which will need all the community's patience and ingenuity. Meantime, for a large number of people, particularly in the higher income classes, much good can be done within the present limitations by teaching the proper choice and use of foods."

"Salient" offers the following practical measures for the consideration of University students, and those who are in authority:—
(a)The suggestions made by Miss Lorimer in our leading article should be acted upon.
(b)The Government should cease advertising over the air foods and patent medicines whose contents do not attain a prescribed standard.
(c)A service similar to that given by the American Consumers' Union Reports should be immediately commenced by the New Zealand Government. (See article in this issue.)
(d)Radio talks, circulars, newspaper articles demonstrating the principles of correct feeding should be sponsored by the Government.
(e)The Government should immediately organize scientific research on a large scale on the subject of malnutrition and food values in New Zealand.
(f)Films like the Nutrition Film should be made by the Government and shown widely.
(g)The New Zealand Sale of Food and Drugs Act should be immediately amended as follows: The formula of all patent medicines sold should be fully declared to the authorities; Remedies sold as cures for certain serious diseases should be absolutely prohibited; (iii) Advertising of foods and patent medicines should be severely restrained; (iv) The operation of the Act should be extended to cosmetics.