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Salient. An organ of student opinion at Victoria College Wellington, N.Z. Vol. 2, No. 5 April 19, 1939

Scoop — Professor's Drinking Horn


Professor's Drinking Horn

"Salient" has unearthed one of the most stupendous pieces of news in years—news that will revolutionise future tournaments.

It is understood that the Professorial Boards of the constituent Colleges will choose a team from among their number to compete with the students for the Horn Trophy at tournament!

We must, of course, impress upon our readers the fact that this flews is entirely unofficial and, until we receive confirmation, we cannot present it as The Truth.

But, If this is not the case, why should a well-known University Professor and economist, sitting in the grandstand watching the tournament athletic preliminaries, accept from Mr. Anderson a bottle of beer, and drink a large quantity from the bottle?

A murmur ran round the grandstand as the beer disappeared. Mr. Anderson was observed to grow pale, and give a sigh of relief when the Professor returned the bottle.

"Salient," hot on the scent, interviewed the Professor, and endeavoured to ascertain if he was training for future Drinking Horn Contests.

"No doubt you will recollect," said the Professor, "that beer is a tabula in naufragiis, if you got me, and you can go now.

It cannot be pretended that this reply was entirely satisfactory; but "Salient" leaves its readers to draw their own conclusions.

It is understood that with the entrance of the Professorial Board into the Horn Trophy Contest, the question of handicap will have to be considered.

It is rumoured that Professors all over. New Zealand are getting into training.