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Salient. An organ of student opinion at Victoria College Wellington, N.Z. Vol. 2, No. 5 April 19, 1939



The athletic championships were held at Logan Park on Saturday and. Monday afternoons. Weather conditions on both days were perfect. There was practically no wind and no sun, although the temperature was pleasantly warm. The slow track, due to the ground being reclaimed, was, however, perfectly dry, but the sandy surface gave runners no assistance whatever. The ground itself is well situated among plantations of trees.

The first day was reasonably satisfactory for Victoria College. In the first final (220 yards flat) C. V. Adams won beautifully from Steele, of Otago. As they straightened up coming into the straight Steele held a slight advantage hut Adams nut all he knew into it and won by a yard and a half. The one mile was a very poor race. It seemed that the competitors were divided as to how they wanted the race to he run. Some tried to speed it up and others to slow it down, the result being that the order was changing every 100 yards. The first half-mile was run in 2mins. 12secs. With a lap to go Robinson (C.), went to the lead with Nixon (O.), and Scrymgeour (V.) after him. Amid great excitement Nixon caught Robinson and won by a yard with Scrymgeour 20 yards back third. The time was 4min. 29 1-5sec.

Excellent Time.

Eastwood ran an easy second in his 440 yards heat, as also did Irving in the 120 yards hurdles. The finals of both these events were beautiful to watch. Irving got home by inches from two Otago men in 16 1-5secs., and Eastwood showed a clean pair of heels to the field to win easily by 15 yards in 50 2-5Secs.—an excellent time on the slow track.

Irving qualified also in the 220 yards hurdles, but couldn't do better than third in the final on Monday—a race which was won by Ramsay (O.) in 26secs.—a New Zealand University record.

Saturday ended with the scores for the Athletic Shield as under:—Otago 11. Auckland 3. Canterbury 3. Victoria 2.

We were not downhearted, however, as we had numerous finalists to perform on the Monday.

Monday's Finals.

The first race on Monday was the 100 yards, and a classic it was. East-wood and Adams got away from the gun with the former slightly in front. Running beautifully he increased his lend and won by two or three yards in 10 1-5secs. Adams had another couple of yards on Fountain (C.). Then cause the final of the 120 yards hurdles, mentioned above, and won by Irving. Things were definitely looking better for Victoria, although Otago had a huge lead. We could see ourselves losing that Wooden Spoon. In the Hop. Step and Jump O'Regan could not get the board and finished out of a place. The 880 yards was a triumph for the young A.U.C. runner. Nugent, who heat Nixon (O.), the title holder, [unclear: convincingly] in 1 min. 58 2-5secs.

J. S. Adams again raised Victoria's colours with a first in the javelin throw and a second in the high jump.

Dalzell and Terry in the shot put and not get a place hut preformed consistently. It was unfortunate that they were up against competitors of the class of J. L. Adams (Otago).

Scrymgeour's Record.

Most notable performance by a V.U.C. competitor was D. R. [unclear: Scrymgeour's] victory in the three miles race in the New Zealand University record time of [unclear: 11 mins]. 55 3-asees. He clipped 17 seconds off the previous record and won by 50 yard.

The end of the day saw the points for the Athletic Shield as follows:—Otago 23 ½, Victoria 12 ½. Auckland 9, Canterbury 5., V.U.C. thus ridding herself of the Wooden Spoon held so tenaciously since 1934.