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Salient. An organ of student opinion at Victoria College Wellington, N.Z. Vol. 2, No. 5 April 19, 1939



Off and on from nine till two on Monday the four basketball teams fought strenuously for the only all-women's trophy of the tournament. Each College had three games of forty minutes to play in this time-Victoria playing the first and second game with only a ten minutes' break. Even the twenty minutes on and twenty minutes off scheme did not alleviate the strain; Victoria's Glucose-D, lemons and talc powder footbaths helped, and we privately think that these modern and scientific methods turned the tables our way. Certainly the green tunics stood up to a terrific morning's work and lasted better than Otago in the last game. Although far from Auckland's monotonous run of wins in the early days of the contest. Victoria College has now won the Basketball Shield for the third successive year. No Victoria University College sport has done as well in recent years.

The results were:—

  • First Round.—Victoria 22. Canterbury 6; Auckland 21. Otago 15.
  • Second Round.—Victoria 14. Auckland 11; Otago 33. Canterbury 6.
  • Third Round.—Victoria 11. Otago 7; Auckland 37. Canterbury 7.

Games Described.

Little needs to be said of the games against Canterbury. The Reds were disorganized by the loss of a defender through a wrenched ankle and seemed quite incapable of scoring when presented with opportunities.

Otago are a much improved combination. Several new and young players appeared and promise to make Otago University a force in coming years. The six-goal margin in Auckland's flavour was Mattering to the northern team. Had Otago defended the last pass in goal really strenuously and had they not lapsed in their own shooting in the second spell, a victory (for the first time) might have resulted for Otago University. The loss of a centre through injury seemed to do little to upset a well-trained combination.

An Epic.

The second spell against Victoria was epic. After a 3-0 lead in the first few-minutes. Victoria University College found themselves hotly attacked by a determined Otago University team who drew level. At this point, Joy Osborn, who had scored most of Victoria's goals, tripped and fell so heavily that a substitute. Glen MacMorran, had to come on. Otago wore 5-3 at half-time. Within five minutes of resumption Victoria University College led 6-5. Thence they were never headed. Scoring eight goals to two in the spell, the. Green forwards put 100 per cent, of their shots through the ring. All day the shooting had been inaccurate for Victoria but the fighting spirit (or something) triumphed when the need arose. The whole team [unclear: responded] to the emergency and the threat to the Shield in a manner reminiscent of the best traditions of sport. The boys on the sideline did yeoman service—they kept up an incessant roar throughout the whole spell.

Ruth Bell.

Against Auckland there was less tension, although this is always the second best team these days and they had won against Otago University in the first round. Victoria University College wore never headed in the score and would have done much better but for poor shooting partly because of the unchecked over-defense of Auckland University College. It was her play in this game that earned Ruth Bell her Blue. Her defense (and at times over-defence) of the third forward saved many goals and completely rattled the Auckland forwards. The gameness of Joy Osborn, who resumed after nearly fainting with the heat and then scored two goals in as many minutes, will not soon be forgotten by the team and the spectators.

Blues and Others.

Ruth Bell. Rosamund Drummond, and Erice Overton were singled out by the selection committee for New Zealand University Blues. Rosamund has gained a New Zealand Blue in all her three tournaments. Of the rest of the team "Salient" is bold enough to single out Plxie Higgins as a worthy candidate for a Blue. Her pivotal work in the centre and unfailing energy and technical skill reached their highest point to date and many were amazed at her omission from the Blues' list. All other [unclear: girls] played so well that naming them gains nothing.