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Salient. An organ of student opinion at Victoria College Wellington, N.Z. Vol. 2, No. 5 April 19, 1939

"Country Matters."

"Country Matters."

The Rendezvous on Monday night was a frantic rush for partners for the Pukekiki Cow-byre Ball. Buses left at 11.45 p.m.. The drivers were instructed to stop at a certain hotel, in case anyone wanted cordials for the rural junketing. Our bus stopped, but no one got out-no doubt a tribute to our temperance, though uncharitable people say forethought.

The hall was lit by kerosene lamps. Soon after arriving, some of the women students complained of the heat. It was raining outside, but fortunately there were plenty of cars where one might smoke a quiet cigarette and cool off. It is said that two members of the E.U.. with a deep conviction of sin, entered a near-by church for their devotions. The hall was left to a party of jitterbugs, who apparently had more time on their hands. The journey home was very quiet....

There were not many present at 9.30 next morning for the tennis finals. "Salient" made an appearance in time to celebrate Victoria's victory in the shooting; then, after the recount, had to start all over again. At the Drinking Horn contest we were sorry to see Jack Hott with his elbow in a sling.