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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College, Wellington, N.Z. Vol. 2, No. 4 March 29, 1939

God Defend New Zealand

God Defend New Zealand

"The situation faintly resembles 'Hamlet,' with Mr. Hamilton cast as Hamlet and Mr. Savage as the Ghost." —"Evening Post" Editorial.

"The influence of Royalty on fashion cannot be over-stressed. It was a Queen who first Inaugurated the hoop skirt hundreds of years ago, and it was our own Queen Elizabeth who recently revived the crinoline to its present increasingly popular status." —Women's Page. "Evening Post," 23/3/39.

"I was interested to hear that the Government court is to be 475ft. long; this means that the court will actually be about as long as Salisb[unclear: y] Cathedral is high!"

—Sir Harry Batterbee.

If there is any moral responsibility of the scientist at all it is that he should spend a part of his time, or see to it that more than sufficient scientists should spend more of their time, in studying normal and everyday behaviour problems or our own lives, as actually lived in houses and factories, pubs and chapels and shops in this sort of civilisation. Above all, it is a Job of the scientist to find out, in this field, what people do want, do get don't get, and could get to want.

"Christendom may be defined briefly us that part of the world in which, if any man stands up in public and solemnly swears that he is a Christian, all his auditors will laugh."

"At the end of one millennium and nine centuries of Christianity, It remains an unshakable assumption of the law in all Christian countries, and of the moral judgment of Christians everywhere, that if a man and a woman, entering a room together, close the door behind ther[unclear: for] he man will come out sadder and the woman wiser."

—From "Selected Prejudices."

By H. L. Mencken.

I should say that there is a very wide distinction between what is read and what is seen. In a novel one may read that "Eliza stripped off her dressing gown and stepped into her bath," without any harm; but I think that If that were presented on the stage it would be shocking.

—Sir William Gilbert.