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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College, Wellington, N.Z. Vol. 2, No. 4 March 29, 1939


There were about a hundred in the Gym. on Thursday, a show of hands among whom showed 73 entitled to vote on the most important motion ever put to a general meeting of the Victoria University College Students' Association. But intending discussion there did not explain the obvious and unusual solidarity of the seating. It was not a difference over the third item of business that was to bring Mr. Edgley to his feet in such hot denial of his saying "the meeting is packed" merely pointing out that both sides hud obviously arranged to see their interests were properly represented. The interests of "Overseas" students? Well, hardly. But there is an L.S.D. Sixty Five Pounds—as Mr. Scotney showed that proportion of our thousand a year set aside for the philanthropic purposes of bats, balls and bails.

There were six items on the night's agenda. Posted in the cubby hole it has been calculated that if read in column of fours fifty per cent, of the students could have noted them by the 31st.

Minutes and preferential voting were read before the disappointed Mr. Hein, could elocute, and Mr. Aimers, in his capacity as delegate to the N.Z. U.S.A., with that absence of heroics so characteristic of him spoke for the only justification of the evening. Soberly said, it was soberly received.

And the substance of the circular that he read was this: That the N.Z. U.S.A. should bring five refugee students to New Zealand—one for each of the four centres, with Massey and Lincoln to be responsible for another, and that the various Students' Associations approach their College Councils to obtain a remission of fees and board at the official hostels for such students.

The motion, then, he wished to put was: "That this meeting instruct its delegate to the N.Z.U.S.A. to support the scheme outlined in the circular and to decide whether it is practical."

Open for discussion Galahad ("not for myself but someone behind me very shy") Bass asks, and someone had to ask it whether there are not plenty of our own students to be helped before foreigners? Undemolished by Mr. Freeman's pretty long queue," he ventures into the type of the students, character references, the four from the innumerable.