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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College, Wellington, N.Z. Vol. 2, No. 4 March 29, 1939

In Reply

In Reply

The Editor, "Salient."

Dear Sir,—

I beg leave to use space in your paper to correct certain misrepresentations, made by "H.W.G." Under the title "The Glory Road," of my statement of the Christian position.

(1)I did not imply that the Christian believes that God came Into this world in Jesus Christ to reconcile men unto Himself, from whom they are separate, because the said Christian gets a kick, Joy, strength, comfort, out of such belief. Such is not the case. A Christian believes this fundamental tenet of the Christian Faith, because he has himself experienced this reconciliation a reconciliation with God which is a daily experience. He believes it because or the reconciliation, irrespective of the inevitable results.
(2)The Christian Revelation is objective from start to finish, because it rests upon a particular history—the birth, life, death and resurrection or Jesus Christ. It is not the subjective thing that H.W.G. endeavours to make me make It. That particular history is given a particular interpretation by the Christian Church because of a particular experience, the experience of reconciliation with God in Christ. A Christian believes because God has gripped him in Jesus Christ, and for no other reason.
(3)Reason, long may it be exercised; but to suggest that it is capable or reconciling man unto God is sheer nonsense. When that reconciliation takes place, reason comes into its own. It is accepted as a girt of God to be used to the utmost in His service, and no more is it prostituted by being exalted to a position or the final authority in the life of man. When man begins to worship one of his capacities, the end is the disintegration and dehumanisation of man.

Thanking you.

I am. Yours, etc.

J. A. Linton.

Gen. Sec., N.Z.S.C.M.