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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College, Wellington, N.Z. Vol. 2, No. 4 March 29, 1939



We have our Debating Society Unfortunately, it has become a respectable radical circus fit for hysterical ravings and the extremely sallies or some three hundred of our fellows. Nothing is ever decided there, nor any course of action ever formulated. "Salient" has given you a nice little list of the motions passed by this august radical group. The trend which it points to with so much pride, has been a trend for at least ten years if not more. We have been expressing our opinions about such subjects for nearly double that period and not one person has arisen from this University with a plan of action and sufficient drive to lift us above expressing our opinions. Do not mistake me if I appear to decry expression of opinion. I do not but it is only half the story.

If any one of you believes that the University may teach a proper humlity and that a real knowledge or the manner by which we may better our own lot and the lot of others, may be gained there, let him shout out his belief If "Salient" Is true to Its purpose. It will listen to you and If you have really thought, and if you are not too conscious of your overwhelming mental superiority, you will not find those who are sincere scorning you.

It is a time for a certain amount of action. It is to be hoped that you not only discuss and reason, but instead of falling into that conventional radicalism which we breed here, actually endeavour to find out what you can do.