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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College, Wellington, N.Z. Vol. 1, No. 19 September 6, 1938



. . . The affirmative claim that in the early days learning and culture were confined to the monasteries. That at least admits that the religious people of those days were the learned ones.

. . . Religion, so far from being an obstacle, is rather a great and profound influence to the progress of the individual.—M. G. O'Callaghan.

. . . The monastic system laid the very foundations of modern progress. By the example of their own lives, the monks taught the people how to live usefully.

... A pupil of Adam Bede founded the first universities. Even if Roger Bacon was damned by the church, he was an intensely religious man.

—N. A. Morrison.

. . . Howard was fulfilling his Christian duty by his work for prison reform; and also the influence of his work helped, in some small way, to modify the forms of society which produced the prisons.

. . . Buddhism stands for peace, mercy, and compassion, and a reverence for life in all its forms. Is there a sounder basis for progress?

. . . In order to apply Christianity, we must have a change in the social system.

. . . Religion is the ambulance corps in the army of progress.

—J. B. Almers.

. . . The strength or weakness of a race largely depends on its religion, because religion gives a nation its ethics, law and morals. Religion enabled the Israelites to throw off the power of Egypt.

—S. W. P. Mirams.

. . . Religion has aided progress by resisting superstition.

. . . Religion celebrated the month of May as the feast of the Virgin. The superstitious therefore said it was unlucky to marry in May.

—A. L. McCulloch.

. . . Personal religion has never yet hindered a man from doing what he thought right for the benefit of the world.

. . . It is better to have a cave-man armed with a club than a cave-man armed with bombs.

. . . Religion is as distinct from the church as the soul is from the body.

—C. A. Myers.