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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College, Wellington, N.Z. Vol. 1, No. 16 July 20, 1938

Executive — First Meeting


First Meeting

The birth of new committees is usually accompanied by a round of squawkings and squabblings on the part of the newly elected members, who wish to reform this and that to conform with particular views. The Child of the 1938 Election has proved to be an exception. Far from being a lusty, bawling infant, it began its incursions of University life in a quietly methodical way that is to be commended. The value of a committee depends not on its passive rowdiness but on its active efficiency, and in this respect the new Executive appears to have made an admirable beginning. It is to be hoped that the new ardour of office will not be dampened by lack of support or disinterestedness on the part of students as a whole. The executive exist to organise University life for your benefit—see that you support let them.

Questions ranging from Chinese Relief to Action for Libel were discussed. The poor response or the Victoria students to the appeal for Chinese Students Relief was commented on and steps are to be taken to bring this vital matter more prominently before the College. Any contributions should be sent direct to "The Secretary, V.U.C. Students Association."

An unfavourable report on the new system of voting at the College elections was discussed. Apparently it had taken 8 hours per candidate to arrive at a final result. The stress and strain on the Returning Officer appears to have been too great judging by the wealth of protest in his report, Suggestions for new ideas of large-scale voting would be welcomed from the point of view of harassed election officials.

Are you coming to hear the Negro Debaters tonight?

Negotiations are to be made with football councils with regard to unformily in the award of N.Z.I. [unclear: Bluss]. The various sub-committees were formed. Messrs. N. Morrison and D. M. Hatherly were appointed Assistant Secretary and Treasurer respectively.

The possibility of holding the 1910 Tournament in Wellington is one that in the opinion of "Salient," should be thoroughly examined. Not only would it be an attraction for the Centenary, but would bring New Zealand University students before the notice of the people of New Zealand and also visitors from abroad.

Perhaps the most interesting proposal of the evening was that of the formation of a Publications Committee. This committee will consist of a president a treasurer. And three other students. One of whom at least is to be a woman. Such committees are already in operation in sister Universities. Their object is to correlate the various College publications and become a clearing house for advertising, etc. "Salient" hopes that censorial authority will not be given to them by the executive as has been the case with such committees. The "freedom of the press" should be maintained at least at Victoria University, and any restrictive force should not be countenanced. Mr. Fussel was deputed to bear the baby and gather the pieces.

After a discussion of the material frailties of man in connection with Extrav. writing prize money the meeting closed without a vote of thanks to the chair.