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Salient. An Organ of Student Opinion at Victoria College, Wellington, N.Z. Vol. 1, No. 14 July 6, 1938

Without Comment

Without Comment

The chief concern of the present Socialist Government seems to centre around the shiftless and thriftless who go through life carelessly, headless of those virtues of self-reliance and self-sacrifice which mean so much in stiffening the moral fibre of a nation.—"Dominton" editorial, 6/4/38.

When the ardent wishes of the agents of Mosco and their dupes in this Dominion were realized and the country became properly Sovietised, he believed Mr. Scrimgeour would be come the Commissar of Broadcasting.—Hon. C. J. Carrington. M.L.C., 18/11/37.

"I for one am not against Labour, although I am strongly opposed to the party in power under the name of Labour."—Mr. O. C. Mazengarb, 3/5/38.

As reason and not emotion is necessary for the solution of life's problems, said Mr. H. C. Veitch, Nationalist candidate for Wanganui, addressing junior members of the Savage Club to-night, he did not intend to make an emotional appeal to the audience. The final decision would have to be made between private enterprise, in which action would be free, and Government enterprise, subject to the dictation of irresponsible trade union secretaries.—2/5/38.

We are on the main highway to Communism — real Communism, brooded and hatched in a foreign country, and well and truly branded "made in Moscow."—Mr. J. M. Power, Wellington secretary-organiser of the National Party, 27/4/38.

Replying to a request for the policy of the National Party, Mr. Veitch said that as yet the party had no definite policy, although its aims had been stressed on many occasions. Three would be a policy later, however, although it would not be very detailed, because details were not necessary.—26/5/38.

The National Party is true to name and doesn't belong to any one section of the community. We stand even for the working people. (Laughter.) — Hon. A. Hamilton, 3/8/37.